Our History

Our History

In the past 10 years, Italmondo has started realizing the need of Digitalization Processes in order to achieve automatization in the Operative and Commercial fields.

At a certain point an internal IT Factory has been the best solution for having the speed and flexibility to drive this need of change and improvement.

After nearly 2 years of assessment all over Europe, Italmondo found Bulgaria as the best place where it could get this Software Development Department established.

In October 2017, Federico (the CEO and owner of ITLM Group) and Paolo (the GM of Sendabox and Senior Advisor of Supernova Hub) visited Bulgaria to explore and deep dive the potential opportunities in the Country.

After the deep research and exploring, in November 2017 the Company called Supernova Factory was established.

The first Developer was hired in December 2017

In January 2018 the first Team Leader was hired and a month later the office of Supernova Factory was opened.

In September 2018 the Company had already 15 employees.

A year later the Company is ready to move to a new, bigger Office.